Teaching kids how to be confident and aware of their bodies through sports.

Multi- Sport Physical Literacy Program

Control Club provides all kids with the skills to excel at sport but more importantly, life through a weekly 35-minute multi-sport program.

We believe that all children should have the confidence, awareness and opportunity to enjoy physical activity in a safe and encouraging environment supervised by our qualified and skilled coaches.

The program is open for all children aged 4 – 12 years old, coaching through development milestones, improving their leadership skills, sporting talent and enjoyment of physical activity displayed by the end of term certificates.

St Paul’s Lunchtime Program

What will happen in these 35 minute sessions

To learn about the benefits of physical activity: Here

St Paul’s Lunchtime Program


“You’ve made me want to do many sporting activities with different people. I love doing ball balancing activities and climbing up the rope”

Georgia – Control Clubber

“Thank you for teaching me at the high performance centre. I hope that i will see you next year”

Ameli – Control Clubber


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