Gippsland is known for its numerous academies and programs that assist in the development of athletes all over the region. However, specific barriers such as lack of facilities and access to high-quality conditioning services and coaching, means that to continue improvement you need to travel to the city to pursue your sporting dream.

This doesn’t just provide as a barrier to Athletes, but also these lack of services means that there is a shortage of job opportunities in Gippsland for Graduates and Athletes to pursue a sports science job within the area after the completion of their degree.

We are passionate about providing such a service in Gippsland with the opportunity for Athletes, Students and Graduates to have access to a facility that bridges the gap that currently exists. This allows athletes to have a much better chance of being the person they wish to become.

We are located at:

46 Cross’s Rd, Traralgon, VIC 3844

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