When it comes to learning new skills on the field/court, you turn to your coach; however, when you want to jump higher, run faster and play longer, who do you turn to?

A structured program around physical preparation takes your game to the next level and reduces injury risk and time spent on the sidelines.

Athletes between the ages of 12-18+ play multiple sports, which puts massive amounts of physical demands on the body through running, jumping, landing, change of direction etc. Without learning fundamental movement, proper loading and technique can lead to underperformance, overuse injuries, and a sense of feeling lost without proper guidance.

How can we help you?

Control High Performance is providing services around providing sportspersons of all levels access to qualified sports science and strength and conditioning coaches through programs that target:

  • Fundamental and sports specific movement patterns
  • Running technique
  • Reducing Injury Risk
  • Mobility
  • Jumping and Landing mechanics
  • Speed and Agility
  • Education on Warm-Up and Cool-Down Procedures
  • Strength Training

If you are an athlete that is wanting to take your game to the next level, train locally and see results, then get in Control of your physical preparation today.




Hurry Ends April 30th, 2021



Hurry ends April 30th, 2021

We are open from

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Time: 3:30pm – 7pm


150 Bowen St, Warragul 3820 – Behind the St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School Gymnasium – Access via car park opposite tennis courts.


How long does a program/ session go for?

Sessions and programs run for around 45 minutes and ensure that all athletes warm-up, work-out and cool down properly and safely.

Do I have to be an athlete to join?

We are all about providing a safe, fun and educational environment to everyone regardless of level and ability. Whatever goal you may have, big or small, we are more than happy to guide you towards achieving it.

What experience do your coaches have?

Our coaches have a minimum of a bachelor of sports science or level 1 ASCA coaching accreditation. Furthermore, our coaches are experienced in working with athletes of all sports and levels from the local level to national and international levels.

Can you do group classes with a team or group?

We allow group classes with teams and groups. To organise a time, please email info@controlhighperofmance.com.au or contact us below.

What if I’m returning from Injury?

It is important to check with the physiotherapist and doctor before performing the exercise. We are more than happy to communicate with both to ensure a steady return to play.

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