High-Performance Workshops

Goal Setting and Visualisation

How can you aim for better performance if you don’t have a target? Clear the fog that hides your pathway to success with evidence-based goal-setting methods that work. Learn why most goal-setting fails, and develop simple, practical methods of achieving your goals, along with a clear plan laying out the steps along the way.

Running Biomechanics

Do you hate running? If so, you are not alone. Many sporting clubs are rife with evidence of injuries and “wear and tear” from running. In this life-changing workshop, you will learn why many find running challenging, how you can make it enjoyable and how to train safer and more effectively. You will leave the workshop with a new approach to running for the rest of your life, and a personal video analysis showing you exactly what to change with your technique.

Club High Performance Program Implementation

Have you thought that maybe your team should be doing some sort of strength and conditioning or high-performance program? Maybe you have tried a few boot camps and personal trainers? This workshop teaches your club how to initiate high-performance programs across your age groups from under 12s to seniors, building a stronger, more resilient, and better-performing club and culture.

Tailored Workshops

We can tailor workshops for your group, school or club across a wide range of high-performance topics. Get in contact to find out more.